From woodland glades to rocky hills, Fairies come in many sizes and types. The Spriggans, Pixies, Piskies, Sidhe (pronounced “shee”), Good Folk and Fae suffer a welter of differing reports. Some say they are not to be trusted, others that they never lie. Some are tall others tiny. Some bestow great riches and others steal children.

Beautiful to gaze upon, their music and voices are sweet to the ear and the smell of their food ravishing to the nostrils. Whether short or tall, a glimpse of the Good Folk fills the mortal observer with wonder, delight and curiosity. Join The Travelling Talesman for an evening of stories of the Small Folk... and when they were not so small, delving back in to their origins as the godlike Tuatha De Danann who eventually left the land above to humans and retreated in to the ancient burial mounds, only to be seen on starry nights processing or dancing in the valleys of their former domain... but beware, they are very choosy about the humans they will share their wonders with and many who have blundered excitedly in to the revels of the Fae have suffered for it afterwards. From momentary sightings to baby changelings and stolen cups our history with the denizens of the Land Of Youth is shrouded in mystery. Women and men from each race have fallen in love with, seduced, abducted and married someone from the other; favours, trades and deals have been done leading to both lasting happiness and deep sorrow. The Travelling Talesman has sifted out the finest amongst these yarns to bring you an enchanting evening of fairy fun... and arm you with the best ways to survive should you be spirited "Away With The Fairies".

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