The Magic Hat

A communication and creativity project to promote accepting, valuing and passing on.
Involving 3 or more geographically and/or organisationally disparate groups.
Improving staff buy in, efficiency and satisfaction.


Geographically and/or organisationally disparate groups share creativity with each other, forming links across departmental and social barriers. Greater communication and understanding between groups: After completing the project participants will be able to Participants will also develop improved presentation skills and confidence.

Increased acceptance of others input Leading to improved buy in for projects and processes
Increased readiness to exchange information higher efficiency and error detection
Increased willingness to report back more useful feedback and greater satisfaction in completed tasks


Each group will paricipate in workshops local to themselves to minimise disruption, room costs, transport etc. during which they create and pass on elementsof a story to the other groups.
All groups will have to come together for the final sharing and evaluation.

Why Magic Hat?

The Magic Hat is a device through which the concept of sharing (accepting, valuing, passing on) becomes intrinsic to the stories and the nature of the project.


Each participant experiences:

Communication between geographically and/or organisationally disparate groups is improved increasing staff buy in, efficiency and satisfaction.

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