Talesman playing the lyre through trees

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The Travelling Talesman

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Enquiries and bookings

E-mail booking@thetravellingtalesman.co.uk

Additional booking information


As a member of Equity I have £10,000,000 public liability insurance.

Risk assessments

Risk assessments can be provided on request.


I live up to my name and will travel anywhere but I am based in Morchard Bishop, mid Devon. If the travel costs are high we will endeavour to find another gig near you or on the way to share the costs.


The standard asking price is £350 per day plus travel at the tax rate of 45p per mile and accommodation if necessary (though I'm pretty easy to accommodate and will happily bring a sleeping bag and roll mat if there isn't a bed). local gigs can get significant discounts and we will do our best to find another gig in your direction to share the travel if you are a long way away.


I've been CRB checked regularly over the years, and am happy to provide the relevant information if you wish to carry out a new DBS search (I am always grateful for a fresh copy).


The Home page has audience and client quotes all over it from festival directors through pub landlords to arts venue managers.
If you need something more specific to your project get in touch and we will send you contacts for someone suitable.

Talesman tells a poem to some cows
Everyone likes a story!