Site Specific Events

Different sites require different approaches:
Some are best served with re-tellings of stories and/or history peculiar to the site; others are more suited to Bespoke Site Specific Story Walks and some only need a little generic historical interpretation and relevant themed stories. Whatever your site or event requires, The Travelling Talesman will endeavour to provide an engaging entertainment for your visitors or guests.

Weylands Smithy

Relevant themed stories

Be it a mill or a forge, a hillfort or a manor house there will be stories to fit the location concerning millers or blacksmiths, celtic warriors or medieval lords. Stories can be taken from a single time period or some other theme of your choice.


Bespoke Site Specific Story Walks

A site specific story walk created in response to the features and landscape of your chosen site. Using twenty years of storytelling experience The Travelling Talesman will create an adventure for
and from the landscape. Lasting approximately an hour to an hour and a half, the walk will have regular stops to move the story along and give the slower ones a chance to catch up, but they won't be standing still for too long at any one stop. Especially in these days when we are used to sitting in front of televisions, when the audience travel the route that the characters in the story travel they
become involved in the tale in a way that a seated audience can not. In jargon it might be called "Outdoor, extreme promenade, live genre theatre". The experience will be delivered as a solo spoken word performance which may be augmented with drums, lyre and other portable instruments/acoustic effects/props. It will be possible to tailor the event to either adult audiences or families. Though I am happy to take school parties and have a clean, recent, enhanced CRB I will not take responsibility for unaccompanied minors. A site visit of a days duration sometime beforehand to experience the site and draw inspiration from it is helpful. I may need to employ an assistant to help carry instruments/props and occasionally move ahead of the party to place items in trees etc. for us to happen upon.

Talesman being a troll
The Troll on the bridge

Two handed History

Whether it is ghosts, witches, heroic knights or humble workers that inhabited your site, from the Stone Age to the present day, for a dynamic fully developed show with props and sketches, book Longshanks & Talesman In which The Travelling Talesman teams up with Archaeologist and historian Nic "Longshanks" Hanks (English Heritage) to deliver the fact and the fantasy of your ancient place, always wrapped up with their famous "Three Minute History" which covers 300,000 years in just 3 minutes!

Longshanks and Talesman wearing carboard crowns and silly grins in a field whilst performing their feudal system sketch
The Feudal System

Historical interpretation

The Talesman has a broad knowledge of most historical periods from the Neolithic through the Middle Ages to the Industrial Revolution and the Victorians. He was part of the Sandford Award winning HI team at the Chiltern Open Air Museum and directed the two hour documentary Beneath Basingstoke for the BAHS. Specialist areas include the Iron Age, Vikings and Medieval.

the inside of an iron age roundhouse with thatched roof, wattle and daub walls and the Talesman in full flow wering iron age clothes.
Iron Age Roundhouse COAM