As a member of Equity I have £10,000,000 public liability insurance.

Risk assessments

Risk assessments can be provided on request.

Story tableaux exercise


I've been CRB checked regularly over the years, and am happy to provide the relevant information if you wish to carry out another DBS (I am always grateful for a fresh copy).


With over twenty years experience leading workshops in conference centres, classrooms, marquees, care homes and forest clearings the Talesman can offer a variety of workshops for corporate, education and community clients all delivered with my usual energy, enthusiasm and ability to adapt to the audience.


Storyteller's Toolbox

Create a story

The Great Telling

The Magic Hat


No-low tech presentation workshop
Community/ Education

Basic storytelling/ public speaking workshop
education/ community

Introductory folktale & creation workshop
education/ community

Intermediate storytelling workshop
Corporate/ community

Communication project

Bespoke Workshops:

Bespoke workshops can be created for your chosen theme incorporating performance skills
mythical elements, imaginative exploration and/or historical interpretation as required.

Story workshop at the Childrens International Arts Organisation Festival

Story workshop at the Childrens International Arts Organisation Festival, Bracknell.