The Dark Arts. Witches, Wizards, spells and enchantment.

Travel deep in to the forests of Russia and meet the terrifying, child-eating, iron toothed Baba Yaga. Koadalan from Brittany escapes his evil master and becomes the most powerful wizard in the world and we travel to China where it's best to avoid any cakes baked by the dubious Mrs Number Three.

Magic workers from around the world transform themselves and others in to horses, hares, dogs and donkeys but hardly ever into toads. This deeply researched set exposes our misconceptions about witches and looks for the meaning behind these folk tales of fear.

"Thanks for a great performance yesterday at the Hawthorns pub- really really enjoyed it. Lots of laughs, changes of mood, sound effects and an EPIC Breton tale. I also loved the Arabian story. So much food for the imagination. Shame I had to dash home, rather than stay for a pint as had to be up at 6:30am this morning! Thanks again :-)"

Gerry S 17 October at 09:28

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